About DoctorInsole

A leap forward.

The world of orthotics as we knew it typically fell on either side of the insole spectrum: a cheap, temporary solution for today’s pain, or an out–of-reach, expensive custom orthotic. As doctors, we knew we could do better, and it didn’t have to be a game of either-or.

Using a unique blend of general science, locomotive biomechanics, and customer research, we created a patent-protected orthotic shape that helps support and correct feet– something both doctors and patients can stand behind.

Here’s how it all started...


In 2011, Dr. Robert J. Joseph recognized that 80% of the challenges that people have with their feet could be alleviated with proper insoles. This sparked the idea behind the first insole we created, the LifeStep (formerly Gen 1), which was designed to help distribute pressure, and as a result, make feet feel better.


Then, came the recession, and there were some changes in medicine that restricted insurance companies from covering custom orthotics leaving Doctors and patients without an affordable corrective alternative. That’s when Dr. Joseph had a brilliant idea: he took the science behind the LifeStep and updated the shape, top cover and a few other elements. The outcome was the first custom-grade orthotic insole for the active life– now called the FitStep (formerly Gen 2).


The product line didn’t stop there. We then created the MultiStep – for those hard sole shoes that people spend their days wearing, along with the HighStep which provides a padded heel cup for added stability while still improving the comfort of women’s high heels.

Every product we've developed has had you top of mind.

And there's much more to come – our research and developments are just beginning.