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The FitStep features a low profile footbed designed for high-impact activities that require maximum control. Whether you’re hiking up a mountain, playing basketball or running around in sneakers all day, this insole offers optimal stability and support for your most active days.

  • Designed for individuals requiring maximum control, safety and comfort for all athletic activities
  • Polypropylene shell is layered with memory foam for a custom-like fit and a shock absorbing top cover providing forefoot and rear foot corrective comfort
  • Finished with a synthetic black suede bottom for lasting protection and prevention of slippage
  • When using the FitStep, please remove your shoe’s insole first, and replace it with the FitStep
  • Note that DoctorInsole orthotic insoles do have a "break in" period. While wearing, they will take an impression of your foot while matching it to the neutral shell. In a day or two, they will contour to your feet and soften with time and wear allowing your body to adjust to the correction.
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Customer Reviews

ahhh Review by jeS$
great insoles thanks (Posted on 8/27/2016)
Finally a fix Review by Jeff
As a retired professional mma fighter, current elite OCR and endurance athlete, and fitness instructor I take an immense pounding on my feet and ankles. For the last year I have struggled with plantar fasciitis pain in my left foot. So when I went to the Arnold Sports Festival this last weekend I was looking for something to bring me some relief. I happened to be working at the Spartan Race booth and saw DoctorInsole's booth across from ours and had to check it out. I had tried a few other remedies but all seemed to be short term fixes. As soon as I talked to Dr. Joseph I knew he was the real deal. He wasn't trying to sell me on his product he just told me exactly what was wrong with me. He was very straightforward and I appreciate that. He told me plantar fasciitis is a symptom of a greater issue that I face. I need to focus on the cause, my left ankle instability, rather than relieving the pain. It's like putting a band aid on an open wound. So he put me in a pair of the insoles and immediately I felt the difference. So after standing for 10+ hours for three days straight at the Arnold on the hard concrete floor jumping over walls, climbing rope, and standing in one spot I felt zero plantar fasciitis pain. The only time my plantar fasciitis acted up is after I sat down and took off my shoes. After months of limping around with pain. I was virtually pain free. So I asked the Dr about the lingering tightness and he reminded me that the inflammation will take time to subside, but in a week or so it will calm down. I'm excited to finally get back to normal and have a solution to the problem rather than treating the symptoms. (Posted on 3/8/2016)
for feet's sake Review by Vel
I'm a former varsity & college athlete and have utilized custom orthotics in the past with varying success. Have been using the FitStep for over a month. It's comfortable and easy to break in. I would rate the FitStep as on par with some of the better custom orthotics I used during my playing days, and the nice thing about this product is you can quickly purchase it OTC rather than going through a battery of tests to measure your foot, gait, etc. Definitely a timesaver and more cost-effective solution for our "on-the-go" culture. (Posted on 1/6/2016)
Life Saver Review by Kevin B
Prior to finding out about DoctorInsole I thought I was not going to be able to run any more. The pain in one foot was so intense I couldn't even take a short, light jog. My doctor told me about this product and that I could use it with inexpensive shoes. I was skeptical. But the first time I used it I ran my regular 4.5 miles up and down hills. No pain at all. I just bought two more so I will be able to replace them whenever needed. (Posted on 10/21/2015)
My new Solemate. Review by Benjamin G
I have both the MutiStep and the Fitstep. These things are pretty amazing. I used to love to run/jog outside but it started taking its toll on my knees and back when I got into my later 20's. The soles are a little awkward at first to "re-learn" how to run but once you get passed it the results are pretty amazing, the pressure on my knees and back has been significantly reduced and has changed my exercise regiment for the better. Didn't think orthotics could make me feel less old! (Posted on 10/16/2015)
Docter in soles work! Review by Cody
I had a ankle surgery last year and I ended up buying 400$ custom orthotics which had a very strong arch and little flex. Since my arch is minor and weak this FitStep was very comforting on my ankle and allowed much less fatigue after a 8.5 hour work day on my feet. This product is designed with class and performance, without having to pay 400$.

Thank you (Posted on 9/9/2015)
Great all around insoles Review by GIL
I'm a Medical professional stand on my feet all day long
10 hours a day. I tried these insoles in my New Balance 998.
Initially felt very firm high arch. Three days of brake in and
they are fantastic. They are comfortable provide good arch
support, I would recommend them to anyone whose on their
feet long periods or is looking for added support. (Posted on 9/8/2015)
Life Changing! Review by Stephan
I don't usually ever write reviews but felt compelled to for this product. At first i had mistaken these for expensive insoles...boy was I wrong!!

A guy at my gym recommended i try a pair of doctor insoles because i was always complaining about pain in my lower back and ankles. He told me I wouldn't be disappointed so i decided to give them a try. That was six months ago and now i have a pair for every shoe I own. It only took a few days for me to noticeably feel the difference. If you’re an active person, these insoles are a must!! You can't put a price on your health, never forget that.. (Posted on 8/11/2015)
Game Changer! Review by Brian B.
Let me just start off by confessing how skeptical I was at first. I’ve never been one to wear, need, or even consider shoe inserts. I enjoy running and had no complains. Sure, my feet and back begin to hurt after a bit, but that’s normal, right? Oh, that’s not normal? Who knew! So I gave these a shot. At first, I didn’t think I was going to like them. My feet felt tight in my Nikes and I thought I was walking funny. But then my feet and body relaxed and.. wow! An entirely new experience. I have a few pairs of running shoes and I transfer my FitSteps every single time. I want them in every style so all of my shoes make my feet feel this great! Highly recommend! (Posted on 8/4/2015)
Excellent Stability Insole Review by Jponti95
For years, since I was a teenager, I wore custom-grade orthotics because my doctor told me I needed them. Ever since I met Dr. Joseph at the running expo in April, I have not stopped using these for my everyday runs. They are wonderful because they provide the same support and alignment that my previous orthotics provided, but at half the cost. I am really glad that I found this insert because I can personally say that it changed my experience at both work and exercising. I will continue to buy these for as long as possible. (Posted on 7/19/2015)
Stress and Pain Relieved Review by Elliott
For the last 15 years I've continually had upper back and shoulder pain that would build up due to stress and posture. It would cause sleepless nights and constant discomfort. After using the men's FitStep I could feel a change in my "spot" about a week after having it in my daily shoes. It corrected posture, gave better support, and took away a significant amount of discomfort I had grown accustomed to.

I highly recommend trying this product to see if it helps with foot/arch issues or other issues that could have been caused by the way you stand or walk.

-Elliott (Posted on 7/17/2015)
Absolutely Amazing! Review by Mr. Jenkins
I wanted to take a moment to write a review on these amazing products. I have had lower back issues for several years now and was constantly feeling some discomfort even on good days. I am 6'1" 240 lbs. I lift pretty heavy and regularly. Just the other day I was dead lifting with 500 lbs for reps, I usually squat with around 450 + for reps. The insoles have held up with no issue and have really helped to support my feet and in turn has been making my back feel a bit better! I have also ran two 15K, three 5k runs and do some sort of cardio almost every day. These insoles are the real deal! If you are looking for amazing support from a long lasting product you need these. I recommend them to literally everyone. (Posted on 7/16/2015)
Must wear when active! Review by Athlete 007
I've been wearing the athletic insoles for over a year now. Mostly for baseball, basketball, hiking, and running.

The first thing I've noticed is that added balance, especially when pitching. Even at the plate, I feel more batting average and power improved. Not sure if it was the insoles, but I feel they make a difference when I use them.

They give a little bit more spring in your step on defense when I play basketball too. You get used to them right away. My feet never hurt anymore. There are some older guys who started using them after complaining of their feet, and they swear by them. Feels good to recommend something that actually helps someone.

The only downside with the sports "fitStep" is when I'm doing track sprint work out and I slow down too abruptly, they can briefly bunch up a little at the top. Then I take a few steps and they go right back in position.

Overall, I won't do anything active without them. I've thrown away all the other cheap foam ones I've worn prior this these. Cost a little bit more, but they last longer than every other pair and lasted longer than two pairs of baseball cleats. (Posted on 7/15/2015)
Keeps Me Standing Review by Hunnan P
I wasn't sure what to expect when trying the insoles in my running shoes. At first there was some discomfort, only cause I wasn't used to running with them (that has long passed). I didn't notice how they were helping me until I was running, probably after my first run and noticed when I tried to slouch towards the end of my run, that as soon as I tried the insoles somehow made me feel like I needed to stand up straight. It felt more comfortable to do so and it made me feel like I was running correctly and safely.

I really appreciate that when I go running that I'm not only doing it for my physical fitness, but my body stability as well! (Posted on 7/14/2015)
Patients love these Review by DME provider
With the ridiculously high prices that are charged for custom orthotics, these are a great alternative that give excellent results. This insole is going to put you in a nice, neutral position and provide the flexibility and rigidity of a custom insert.

I refuse to workout without these in and I recommend to all of my patients to look into buying a pair. (Posted on 7/14/2015)
Great Product! Review by Cody S.
The high impact insole really helped my overall foot and ankle inflammation. Having played college sports, I tried everything! With the wear and tear on my body, it was tough to compete like I did in the old days. This high impact insole really helped me get back to good habits in my walking and running form, and created a more comfortable landing in the process. (Posted on 7/14/2015)
Very impressed Review by Jeff
I've had my Doctor Insoles for a just a couple of weeks, but I can say confidently that these are by far the best insoles I've ever used. The support is far superior to other brands and the comfort is definitely not sacrificed. The memory foam takes a couple of hours of use before sinking in, but when it does, the experience is perfect. I have also noticed that the material doesn't wear out after many uses and it looks like these are going to last me a long time. I am really looking forward to trying other insoles from this brand. I don't think there is an insole in this price range that comes close to this quality. (Posted on 7/9/2015)
Best insoles on the market! Review by Justin
As a fitness professional, featured on Men's Health, The Dr. Phil, and The Doctors Show, I highly recommend The DoctorInsole for everyone! Most of my clients have suffered from serious ankle or foot injuries that have been caused from not taking care of your feet. DoctorInsole is the best orthotic in the market! (Posted on 7/9/2015)
The BEST Foot Support for Athletes Review by Max M.
I have struggled with shin splints my entire life. In my youth, I played football and basketball and was always limited by my shin splints and leg pain. I have tried every over-the-counter insole, I've had $300 custom orthotics made for my feet, and I've tried every remedy for strengthening shin muscles and strategic conditioning to get rid of them, but have always been limited. I purchased a pair of these FitStep insoles and they are the BEST! My foot and leg pain is minimal and these orthotics fit my running shoes and basetball shoes perfectly. You will notice a little bit of foot pain when you first start wearing them, but that is normal and a side affect of the insole doing its job in correcting your step. Should go away in just a couple days of use and become very comfortably molded to your foot. ABSOLUTELY worth every penny and would recommend them to anyone looking for a solution to your foot problems. (Posted on 7/9/2015)
LOVE LOVE LOVE Review by Timothy J.
I work out in my FitSteps 4 days/week and to anyone who cares about their health, i couldn't recommend them more (Posted on 6/24/2015)
Awesome insoles! Review by Jan
I am on my way home and I just wanted to say that these inserts are awesome! Thank you so much for the relief! ‪#‎doctorinsole‬ (Posted on 6/19/2015)
Boston Marathon Review by Frederick
Bought a pair at the expo the day before Boston Marathon and ran in them. No problem at all... Rather helped my feet during the long run!! Thinking about ordering a few more pairs for all my shoes. Thank you, DoctorInsole! (Posted on 6/19/2015)
Dope insoles! Review by frezrbox
I rock these insoles in my basketball shoes and they're super awesome. Took a couple days for my arches to relax, but now it's super-buttery. Feels weird NOT to have them in my shoes. Thanks Doc! (Posted on 6/17/2015)
3 C's Review by basketba11er
I am 6'9" and an athlete. Throughout my life I have had a series of aches and ailments from my feet up. I have owned every insole you could name AND custom orthotics. After wearing DoctorInsole orthotic insoles, my entire body feels better. I have never stood on a better foundation that is more comfortable, more corrective or that customizes to MY foot! This product is incredible. Where has it been all my life? I want a pair in every pair of my shoes!! #superfeetonsteroids (Posted on 6/17/2015)

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